Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Silverilght/Windows Phone 7 Video Tutorial: Learn how to make a Turnstile Control

How to Implement the Windows Phone 7 Turnstile Control for Silverlight in a Real WP7Application

Hello All!
Brian Henderson Tweeted about this cool Turnstile control located on Codeplex.  I checked it out and realized it only showed how to show this control with Rectangles and only in a web  browser Silverlight page.  I wanted to show how to actually download the source and use it with real controls (Buttons, StackPanels, Images, etc.).  I also wanted to demonstrate how to use this control in a real Windows Phone 7 application.  So, in this 13 minute video I show you how to make use of the Windows Phone 7 Turnstile control from Codeplex. 
Specifically, I show you how to:
1. download the source from Codeplex;
2. create a new Windows Phone 7 application;
3. add the downloaded source project to your solution;
4. add a reference to the newly added project;
5. add a Turnstile control;
6. populate your Turnstile control with Images, Buttons and StackPanels;
7. add animate in and animate out Buttons;
8. create Click event handlers;
9. tell your Turnstile control (in code) to animate in or out depending on what Button was clicked.
So, rollup your sleeves, download the code from Codeplex here and get busy!
My Project Source (Turnstyle.zip): http://tinyurl.com/29c8fhq
Video: http://tinyurl.com/22u5846
PS: I’d like to thank Roberto Sonnino for developing this control.  Also, I thought that “Turnstile” was spelled “Turnstyle” so my source code will have a typo.  I thought that because Roberto lives in France that “Turnstile” was the French way of spelling it.  I was mistaken, I just don’t know how to spell very good :)

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  • Hima 
    Nice Posts and videos .
    If you can write a blogpost/ video on how to record the user input from the microphone of the client, save it to the server and again play the recorded voice to listen, that would really help site visitors . This is only my suggestion . thanks
  • Fast_Eddie 
    Very cool and adds a nice finishing touch to an app!
    Here is an interesting usage…
    I added to my project and attempted to create a turnstile as a “switchboard” – a series of graphic panels within turnstile. Thus, selecting the initial button causes the turnstile panel to swing in, selecting an image on turnstile (mouseup on element) causes selection and turnstile to swing out. I have an issue in that it seems that even if turnstile is not visible, that mouseup fires based on position of screen. I am planning to simply add a memory variable to handle event (if turnstile is visible) but any ideas would be apprecaited.
  • Mac 
    Thanks for your video. I didn’t understand the Roberto Sonnino project by first look but when I see your video I got the whole idea.

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