Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG) is TONIGHT! May 25, 2011 7pm PST

Hello All!
Tonight is the LA Silverlight Usergroup Meeting!  You can attend this meeting in-person or, for the very first time, ONLINE via our custom UStream Page:
In order to participate you must go to to register as a member for FREE!
There will be prizes given away but you MUST have a RAFFLE Ticket!  These will be given away at the door when you attend in person but if you are planning on watching ONLINE (Yes, Online Attendees can win prizes too!) you can email and your ticket number will be emailed back to you.  This is WORTH doing because we have OVER $12,000 in PRIZES to give away*
And, our crack staff over here at LASLUG even made a special Windows Phone 7 Application to make choosing the winners, easy, fast and random (application screeenshot shown below).    Our online meetings are brought to you by our great sponsors Infragistics and Reg Gate Software and others such as ComponentOne, Telerik, Apress, WP7 Dev Podcast, O’Reilly, Jeff Levy Show, UXSynergy, Syncfusion, Silverlight Show, Nowcom, Pluarlsight, VIBlend, Safari Books Online, Microsoft and others.

So, if you live within a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles then we hope to see you in-person tonight and if you live outside of a 100 mile radius then we hope to see you Online at (remember to be eligible to win prizes online you must live outside a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles), where you can watch us through multiple camera angles, see speacial video spots and even interact with us via the chat module on the page – Provided by UStream!
Oh, also, try and be there early if you are showing up in person because we have cool SWAG BAGS filled with little goodies (key chains, Flash drives, stress balls, tee-shirts, etc.).  But we fall short of the 45 RSVP’d members and when we run out you are out of LUCK!  So come early!
See you there!  Victor Gaudioso
* Online attendees who win physical prizes such as books are responsible for all shipping costs.
Raffle Choose Application

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG) Mentioned in the Weekly MVP Newsletter

Hello All,
As I do every Friday I opened up my weekly MVP News Letter and there it was, a whole section on the Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG).  Don’t take my word for it…take a look at this screenshot I took of it:
MVP Newsletter Screenshot
LASLUG gets mentioned in the weekly MVP Newsletter

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Presentation, Interview, and Tutorial Examples

  1. Here is a wealth of video cuts from my free two-day
    training session on Silverlight called “Sharing in the Light” in Dallas, Texas:
  1. Here is an interview I gave with Tim Huckaby for
    Bytes on MSDN last year at MIX:
  1. Me interviewed by Murray Gordon at MIX10:
  1. My free video tutorials for Silverlight and
    Windows Phone 7 (WP7) (70 video tutorials in total):
  1. A Silverilght article I wrote for the MSFT
    Expression Newsletter:
  1. I recorded a 10-part series on Silverlight/Blend
    for Microsoft (MSFT) called Starterkits:
    1. ColorSwatch Video #1:
    2. ColorSwatch Video #2:
    3. ColorSwatch Video #3:
    4. ColorSwatch Video #4:
    5. ColorSwatch Video #5:
    6. ColorSwatch Video #6:
    7. ColorSwatch Video #7:
    8. ColorSwatch Video #8:
    9. ColorSwatch Video #9:
    10. ColorSwatch Video #10:
  2. I presented at Riapalooza 3 in Chicago:
  3. A book signing presentation I did at the
    Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo:
  4. Presenting at the SoCalDotNet Usergroup:
  5. Presenting at our second LASLUG meeting:
  6. Presenting at LA C# Usergroup:
    1. Presentation Video |
      1st half:
    2. Presentation Video |
      2nd half:
  7. Presenting at FlashapaloozaStock IV:
Vicror’s Bio:
Victor, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Solutions Advocate is Silverlight, WPF, Windows 7 Mobile UX Lead for Nowcom where he is helping to build out the UX/UI team as well as an instructor (classroom / video tutorials / written articles), published author (Foundation Blend 2: Building Applications in WPF and Silverlight (2008), Foundation Blend 3 with Silverlight(2009)), and Foundation Blend 4 with Silverlight (2010) and public speaker.
Victor has over 11 years experience in the web and software development industries and has worked with large Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, Mattel, and Paramount Pictures. Victor has worked on some of the most cutting edge WPF and Silverlight applications that have been developed to date; including the Microsoft Surface Winebar CES demo Surface Air Hockey with simulated physics, and the Surface EventPhotos applicationwhich both debuted at PDC in 2008.  Victor was also part of the team that launched the Microsoft Silverlight Entertainment Tonight Emmy mini-site, one of the very first Silverlight applications to market.
In his spare time Victor continues to write books under the Friends of ED flagship Foundationseries in hopes of presenting the powerful new Microsoft technologies of WPF and Silverlight to developers and designers around the globe.  Along with development and writing books, Victor reaches out to the community by teaching Silverlight in the way of traditional classroom courses at the Rich Media Institute in Venice, California and Silverlight: Sharing in the Light in Dallas, TX.  Victor produces video tutorials on his personal blog and recently for Microsoft in the form ofExpression Starter Kits.   Victor holds online interactive workshops as well as public speaking engagements (most recently Flashapoolozastock IV in October 2009).  Victor co-founded and runs the first Los Angeles Silverlight user group (LASLUG) with Microsoft.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG) is Growing by Leaps & Bounds!

The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG – www.laslug.comhas begun its journey to become the Biggest and Best Silverlight Usergroup on the Planet!
Last month we had three sponsors and gave away roughly $2,500 in prizes not including Swag and Food. This month, and every month hereafter we are giving away OVER $12,000 in prizes because of existing sponsors such as ApressDevExpressUnited Future/Wongdoody and new sponsors such as TelerikInfragisticsComponentOneRed GateVIBlend, the Jeff Levy Show (the Digital Doctor)Safari Books OnlineSyncfusionNowcom, the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, theSilverlight ShowMicrosoft and more coming soon!!
And at our next meeting, Wednesday May 25th (7pm PST), we will be BROADCASTING theMeeting/Show LIVE ONLINE for the Very First Time!  But we are not just pointing a camera and turning it on; we went out and purchased  Thousands of dollars in Equipment and Software and even brought a Director/Producer on board, Peter Genovese, to coordinate the whole thing.  There will be multiple camera angles, special effects, cut away sponsor spotslive chat and the audience is encouraged to participate in chatquestions and are even eligible to WIN their share of the $12k in PRIZES!* This special ONLINE Meeting/Show is brought to you in part by Infragistics andRed Gate software.
So go to and sign up as a member for FREE and you will be sent information about the Onlineas well as In-Person meeting.
* To be eligible to win prizes online you must live outside of a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles.  All shipping costs associated with prizes won online are the responsibility of the prize winner.
Victor Gaudioso
Silverlight/WPF User Experience Developer
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
Twitter: victorgaudioso

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New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to create a Rotating Banner

Hello All!
In this 30 minute video I show you how to create three different UserControls; create Storyboards to fade them all in and out; then programatically loop through them.  But you can also click buttons on the bottom of the page to make them skip to a certain frame and theanimation continues.
Enjoy! Vicrtor
PS”This was all from a Twitter request from a user named Anaynapalisuc09

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  • Thor 
    Very nice tutorials, I teaching Silverlight from yours videos. I wonder if html5 and javascript will eventualy replace silverlight and .NET(many ppl say that). I also have question about MVVM… is this smart choice to use, or waste of time (case writing lots of applications with Silverlight?). Have you maby some good link or video how to use mvvm with database connection?

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