Friday, April 15, 2011

New Silverlight 5 Video Tutorial: How to Create Implicit DataTemplates

Hello All!
Silverlight 5 Beta just came out yesterday and I am jumping on it with my first video tutorial. 
In this  short 12 minute video I show you how to:
1. Create a custom DataType called Developer. 
2. How to create an ObservableCollection of Developers and then turn that into a DataSource. 
3.  How to bind that DataSource to a ListBox and define a DataTemplate that describes how to show the data (namely a TextBlock for the name and an Image for a picture of the developer). 
4. How to remove that DataTemplate and add it to App.xaml and define a new property called a DataType. 
You will then see how Silverlight 5 will automatically find that DataTemplate anytime you are displaying that custom DataType.
Enjoy!  Victor

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