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All of my Silverlight/WP7 Video Tutorials in One Place (Updated 02.11.11)

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Hello All,
This is a post that keeps growing day by day so I need to update its postion to be at the top of my blog as the content grows. So, here it is again by popular demand:
75. Microsoft Starter Kit Video Series: Creating a Silverlight Color Swatch Application  – a 10 part video series complete with sample project and assets (custom Behaviors, custom Panels, etc.):
74. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to use a ToggleButton to create a Sliding Panel, ALL in Blend with ONLY ONE Button:
73. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make sliding panels that only uses one button (uses Code-Behind):
72. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make sliding panels ALL in Blend:
71. Windows Phone 7 (Mango): Making use of PageOrientations (Portrait, Landscape and PortraitOrLandscape):
70. How to create a Rotating Banner: (30 min). Demo:
69. How to create a SL4 Fake Windowmthat can be dragged, expanded and collapsed:
68. New Silverlight 5 Video Tutorial: How to create Implicit DataTemplates:
67. How to use the FluidMove Behavior:
66. Use Blend’s Sketchflow Animation panel to create a Sketchflow animation to show users how to use your application:
65. Use the LocalMessageSender/Receiver to send messages accross UserControls or even across Silverlight applications:
64. Create a Data Store in Blend w Conditional Behaviors (GotoStateAction/SetDataStoreValueAction) & VSM:
63. Learn how to use the Windows Phone 7 Turnstyle Control from Codeplex (13 min):
62. How to make a Multi-Touch Windows Phone  7 Silverilght 4 application (6 min):
61. How to build a Windows Phone 7 browser page with a WebBrowser control (if you have taken the 5 part tutorial consider this part 6):
60. Part 5: how to use the CaptureCameraTask to take an image from a menyItem btn: (Source Code:
59. Part 4: Compose and send an email from a MenuItem:
58. Part 3: Make a Phone call from a MenuItem:
57: Part 2: Add new pages when the ApplicationBarIconButtons are clicked:
56. Part 1: How to build a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) appliaction with an ApplicationBar complete with IconButtons and MenuItems:
55. How to use a Behavior to fire methods from objects in Styles:
54. How to style a Silverlight HyperLink Button:
53. How to create a ListBox with a static Image background:
52. How to stream video to iPhone/Pad devices using IIS7 and HTML5:
51. Use Silverlight to create Windows Phone 7 Series applications:
50. How to do Hit Detection (HitTesting) in Silverlight based on Andy Beaulieu’s technique:
49. How to add multiple BitmapEffects to one object in Silverlight: Post
48. How to build a Slider with a ToolTip that follows the thumb button and displays the value of the Slider: Post
47. How to build your very own TutorialCam like I use in my video tutorials! Post
46. Fire one of two Visual States based on the value of a Boolean variable: Post
45. How to add Fast Forward to the Silverlight MediaElement: Post
44. Create a custom ToolTip with a Delay: Post
43. Create a Silverlight Paging Systems to Load Pages on the Fly: Post
42. Create a Slide In/Out Navigation Panel: Post
41. How to use Joe Stegman’s PngEncoder to save an image from your Silverlight application:Post
40. How to create complex gradients: Post
39. My Blend IDE series – Part 1 – the Blend Toolbar: Blend1
38. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 2 – Layout Controls and User Input Controls: Blend2
37. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 3 – The Properties, Projects and Data panels: Blend3
36. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 4 – The Objects & Timeline and States panels: Blend4
35. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 5 – Blend’s Animation Workspace – Everything you need to know to create Storyboard Animations – Blend5
34. How to make a 3 column ListBox in Silverlight: Post
33. How to read XML into Silverlight and turn it into Native Silverlight Objects: Post
32. Create a default Silverlight 4 Out Of Browser app that allows you to create new OOB apps in mere seconds: Post
31. How to make a forever scrolling Silverligh banner: Post
30. How to create a Silverlight Color Resource in a ResourceDictionary: Post
29. How to make an Out of the Browser SL4 Web Browser Applicaiton: Post
28. Use the new Silverlight 4 Webcam API to create a cool webcam app that even let’s you save images to your hard drive: Post
27. Use the new Silverlight 4 COM API to make an Out of the Browser application that is able to open a MS Word document: Post
26. Learn Silverlight with this new RefCard that I developed Post
25. Create a Functioning Login UserControl: Post
24. Use the FarseerPhysics Library to create a Ragdoll with simulated Physics: Post
23. Create a Sortable ObservableCollection: Post
22. Create a Silverlight Ragdoll with Simulated Physics: Post
21. How to create a functioning Silverlight Login UserControl: Post
20. How to create a Silverlight Timer using the DispatcherTimer class: Post
19. How to create custom RoutedEvents in Silverlight using Andrew Whiddett’s (IdentityMine) Eventing assembly reference: Post
18. Use the Silverlight Toolkit’s WrapPanel to create a ListBox that displays three rows of Data: Post
17. Create a Silverlight custom Silder: Post
16. How to create a Visual Tree Helper to locate FrameworkElements in the Visual Tree: Post
15. Using DataBinding to control the Visibility of any Silverlight Object using Blend and Visual Studio: Post
14. How to create a complete Sketchflow Prototype in Silverlight: Post
13. Creating a Custom Silverlight Button Just for Designers (using linear and radial gradients, the gradient tool and opacity masks): Post
12. Creating a Custom Silverlight Button: Post
11. Creating a Storyboard Helper Class: Post
10. Importing Photoshop PSD files into Expression Blend 3:
9. Creating Morphing Vector Path Storyboards in Blend
8. Re-Creating a Metallic Logo in Vector using Blend 3
7. Creating Timed Storyboard Animations
6. Using TemplateBinding to Replace a ContentPresenter in a Silverlight Button
5. Working with Data in BLend 3
4. Silverlight 3 Behavior Tutorial Video
3. This Tutorial will teach you how to create a Card Flipping Animation!
2. Observable Collection Tutorial
1. Silverlight Extended Drag and Drop Behavior:
Enjoy! Victor

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  • Russell Morgan

    Im new to Silverlight AND to WP7. I am Jamaican so I dont have much LOCAL resources to turn to, I am VERY GLAD I found your blog. Thank you EVER so much for taking the time out ot make these, and to post them for FREE!
    I do hope to become a veteran at WP7 and Silverlight, because they are both very interesting platforms in my views. And I would love to be able to make applications using them.
    I do hope you continue to offer this type of support and more to the community of established and aspiring developers.
    Thank you again!

  • JohnnySmoke

    happened to find your site by way of twitter. thanks for sharing the wealth with all of us who are eager to learn and could use a helping hand

  • Max Luong

    Met you at WP7 event in Costa Mesa (the Hilton). Keep you the great work.
    thanks again for all the resources.

  • Interlopul eusebiu

    This tutorial is really easy to follow! I can do it to!

  • Victor

    See Interlopul, it is not that hard; anyone can do it as long as you have someone to show you how. Victor

  • Davide

    Hi, i like your video, very easy to learn!
    Can i ask you to do some tutoria? i’m new on wp7, and i can’t find the resource i’m looking for…
    1) how to reload a page in my webBrowser…
    2) how to parse a json file taken from the web (i take the .php file that produce the json, and i’d a goal il this, now i have my string json = sr.ReadToEnd(); ready)
    3) how to have a button with a text on it and a background images
    4) check if the phone is online (3G or wifi, but at least one
    Thanks in advance!!!

  • prathima

    Hello Victor,
    Liked all your tutorials and it is very helpful in app development. Thank you so much.
    I am looking for flashcard related sample code in silverlight/xna, by any chance you have tutorial on this. Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance…

  • Keshawn Abell

    Say, you got a nice article. Great.

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