Monday, March 14, 2011

Visual Studio Live in Las Vegas is Coming (April 18-22)

Visual Studio Live! is coming up soon (April 18-22) in Las Vegas.
I’ll be there – will you? Join me at Visual Studio Live! in Las Vegas! If you’ve never been to Visual Studio Live, it offers developers, programmers, software engineers and architects an unbiased blend of practical and immediately-applicable training in Visual Studio, Silverlight, WPF, .NET and more. Plus, there will be 2 new tracks on mobile development and HTML5 this year!
Check out the Visual Studio Live! Agenda at
See You There!  Victor

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  • lseidman

    Hey Victor,
    First and foremost, I just need to tell you I am a big fan of your WP7 Tutorials! I previously developed strictly for iOS and Android but now WP7 and your videos have opened my eyes to a whole other world of possibilities (e.g. Using Blend with VS to create “Effect’s”) and feel that you deserve recognition for the great tutorials and showing us newberts that it’s not too bad to develop for WP7.
    Also, next time you’re in Vegas let me know! I live here permanent now (again; previously Hollywood + Agoura Hill’s, CA) and have a place in Southern Highlands, it’s about 7K Sq.Ft. and have a theater, maybe you could see I followed your IIS Video to have video stream tomy iPhone but also managed to plug-in RCA hookup to my projector and pretty neat!
    Good luck and keep everything coming!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to use the Fluid Move Behavior

Hello All,
In this short 7 minute video tutorial I show you how to use the Fluid Move Behavior. What you will learn:
1. How to create sample data (text and images);
2. How to create a ListBox and bind the ItemsSource to the sample data;
3. How to create a Details Grid that reflects the selected item of the ListBox;
4. How to use the Fluid Move and Fluid Set Tag Behaviors to make the selected item animate from the ListBox to the Master Details Grid;
Enjoy! Victor Gaudioso

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