Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The LASLUG Raffle Chooser App has been Published in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Raffle Chooser App in the WP7 Marketplace
Raffle Chooser App in the WP7 Marketplace
Hello All,
If you attended our May 25, 2011 Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG) meeting then you saw Kim S (LASLUG Special Event Coordinator) use the custom built Raffle ChooserWindows Phone 7 Application to choose the Winning Raffle Tickets.
Well, I figured that this could be a handy tool for our other .NET Usergroups such as LA C# Usergroup or even our friends at SoCal Code Camp ran by Woody
Pewitt (@
woodyp on Twitter) as I think they all hold raffles as well. So I published it on theZune Marketplace.  It is under the Social Category and is FREE!
You can Install the Raffle Chooser app directly from here:
If  you would like the source code feel free to email me at victorg at laslug dot com.