Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Windows Phone 7 / Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make a Browser Application

In this 15 minute video I show you how to create a new WP7 application, add an ApplicationBar, add an ApplicationBarIconButton that when clicked loads a new Browser page.  I then show you how to add a TextBox, a Go Button and a WebBrowser control.  I then show you how to load whatever URL you type into the TextBox load into the WebBrowser control.
This could be considered Part 6 of the 5 part sereies on how to make a cool WP7 application, and you can certainly use it to build out your browser page that you created in the 5 part series; but I also wanted to make this application independent of that tutorial.  Meaning, this tutorial will still be relevant to you even if you have not taken the previous 5 part tutorial.  So, in summary this tutorial will be good for you if you have or have not watched the 5 part tutorial.

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  • Proto-Bytes 
    Have you entered the “The Code Project” Win phone contest yet?
  • Christian 
    LOL, great tutorial… But 1 major comment… Was that an Iphone message notification going off during the video?
    Tsk Tsk…
    victor, I am trying to contact you if you would be interested in doing a book of tutorials just like this video with the concept of making WP7 applications using Blend… and getting the code ready for a developer… to get people over from the Flash / PSD / Illustrator world.
  • Victor 
    Proto, I have not entered the contest, been a little too busy at the moment.
    Christian, Uhh that was my wife’s iPhone you heard LOL
    Victor Gaudioso

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