Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Silverlight Video Tutorial (10 minute): How to create a fake Winow Control that can be dragged, Expended and Collapsed

Hello All!
In Silveilght 4 there is no WindowControl..that is a Control that looks like a traditioanl Windows window. So, I made my own version, a Window control that can be dragged around, expanded and collapsed.  In this video I show how to do it with two simple Grids, one for Collapsed and one for Expand. I then use the Visual State Manager (VSM) to make it collaspe and expand.  Further I use the MouseDragElementBehavior Behavior to make both the collapsed and expanded windows draggable, just like a real window!  You can see the functioning demo on this Silverilght page:
IMPORTANT: If you watch the video you will wee that after I drag, expand and collapse the window a few times I get a JavaScript error marked by an exclaimation point in the bottom left of the browser window.  Shawn Wildermuth speculates that it is because the Behavior get’s confused about who its parent object is.  The way I fixed it was to wrap the Expanded grid into another Grid and put the MouseDrageElementBehavior on the parent Grid. I don’t show how to do this in the video but it is in my source code (ie., the source code has no JavaScript errorrs).
Enjoy! Victor
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