Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to create a Rotating Banner

Hello All!
In this 30 minute video I show you how to create three different UserControls; create Storyboards to fade them all in and out; then programatically loop through them.  But you can also click buttons on the bottom of the page to make them skip to a certain frame and theanimation continues.
Enjoy! Vicrtor
PS”This was all from a Twitter request from a user named Anaynapalisuc09

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  • Thor 
    Very nice tutorials, I teaching Silverlight from yours videos. I wonder if html5 and javascript will eventualy replace silverlight and .NET(many ppl say that). I also have question about MVVM… is this smart choice to use, or waste of time (case writing lots of applications with Silverlight?). Have you maby some good link or video how to use mvvm with database connection?

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