Thursday, February 9, 2012

Win a Free Month Pass to PluaralSight Online Training Courses from the MSFT Stack – Contest Closed

UPDATE: Hello LASLUGers! Thank you all for you entries but effective immediately the contest has been canceled. But not to worry, I will think of other ways to reward you for your efforts. As for the tutorials I made them all easy and with step-by-step instructions with video.
So, if you are serious about your desire to learn Silverlight/ WPF / Windows Phone 7 then you are in the right place.
Thankfully, I been given the God given talent to take any subject, no matter how difficult the subject matter may seem, and make it understandable so much so that I can have my 16 year old daughter (Brianna), who has no desire to be a programmer whatsoever, to follow along the video tutorial and complete it perfectly. She is very smart though but if you are reading this than I think you must be as well.
On a side note, soon I’ll be implementing a rating system to all 70+ video tutorials in place whereby I rate the tutorial between 1 and 10; 10 being the most difficult and 1 being simple enough that my preschool son (Luke) would he able to complete it (I don’t know that his attention span could handle it but if it were he would be able to complete it).
So, if you do want to learn Silverlight (that uses XAML which will be included in the Windows 8 SDK (WinRT)) then please pick a tutorial and give it a go as what you learn here will be transferable to developing applications for Win8.
Once you see how easy your chosen tutorial is then you can pick another
If you are so inclined send me a URL to your published work or just zip up your entire solution and send it to me so I can take a look. I ask this because I love to see what my “students” have created. Some even get a little over zealous and make the app do things that the tutorial didn’t ask of them; that is when I get really excited as I know they (you) really understand what you are doing and can even go above and beyond what the tutorial requested of you!
Good luck and I cannot wait to see your completed work. If you choose to zip up the Solution then email it to me at my personal email address: wpfauthor at gmail dot com.
Victor Gaudioso
Hello All,
PluralSight, which does online training courses of MSFT technologies was kind enough to donate me a bunch of one month free trial activation codes. All you need to do to win is follow ANY of my Silverlight Video Tutorials, show it to me and you get the prize. You can find all 75-or so Video Tutorials here: Some are very short and most are very easy. So, pick a short easy one and complete it and email me at my personal address wpfauthor at gmail dot com and I will email you back with the code. Good luck! Victor

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  • Cindy K. 
    I am having a hard time viewing at least one of the videos. It tells me to install Silverlight, but when I click on that and let it try, it tells me I already have that version. I think the Silverlight version detection code is not detecting that I have the latest and should be fine to run the videos. What should I do?
  • Victor 
    Hello Cindy,
    If I were you I would go to the control panel (assuming you have a Windows-based PC) and uninstall anything having to do with Silverlight (excluding Visual Studio 2010 – leave that alone). Then go to a page that has Silverlight content ( and click on the Showcase button. It will eventually bring you to a site that has a very cool SL application. Then it should install the latest and greatest SL runtime. Do that and you should be good to go. Let me know if you have any problems after you try this. Thanks, Victor
    Victor Gaudioso
    The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup (LASLUG)
    Founder, President, Organizer
  • Victor 
    Did you try my suggestion? Did it work? Victor

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