Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make Sliding Panels (All In Blend!)

In this short, 14 minute video I show you how to make a panel that slides off and onto the page when you cilck the expand/collapse Button.  This is in direct response to the call  I made for tutorial ideas.  There is a way to make this Buttonless, so if you are interested in seeing how to do that drop me a  line at wpfauthor at gmail dot com.
Thanks! And Enjoy!  Victor Gaudioso
First Video: (10 min):
Second Video (4 min):
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Please send me ideas for tutorials and I will make them for you.
Thanks, Victor

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  • Stan Ault 
    Thanks Victor for a great tutorial. We were just discussing changes to our web site from the drop down bullets that you helped me with last year to using slide in panels that stay for a few seconds then slide out and another slides in. Each one with different information on it of our products. I think you gave me some good information on making the changes.
    I look forward to more great tutorials!
  • Victor 
    Stan, tell me exactly what you want to do and I will make a tutorial showihg you how; unless its very difficult and then I will have to charge you a consulting fee ;) Victor

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