Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Stream Video to your Apple Device (iPhone/Pad) in Five Minutes

by Victor on Jul.13, 2010, under Demos, Open Source, tutorials
Hello All, In this short, 5 minute video I show you how to stream adaptive video to your iPhone or iPad device using IIS7 and HTML5. This article asumes you have an IIS7 website setup on your local machine and know how to get to it: http://LocalHost/ It also assumes you have Expression Encoder 4 Pro. So, if you have these then let’s get busy and stream some video to your Apple devices! Video: http://tinyurl.com/365aecg HTML5 Source Code: http://windowspresentationfoundation.com/Tutorials/AppleStreaming/iPhone.txt  (in IE click View Source ).

<title>Victor Gaudioso | iPhone live streaming page</title>
<h1>Victor Gaudioso Live stream.</h1>
<video width="640"
controls="true" >Live 36</video>
<h2>Ver 62</h2>



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  • Hugo SImoes
    Hello there. I am new to streaming to Apple Devices and I absolutely love your tutorial.
    I am NOT at all familiar with Windows Server 2008.
    It took me a long time to add all the necessary roles that I see based upon your demo. I still am not able to get the “MOBILE DEVICES” tab to show up when I click on “Live Smooth Streaming Publishing POint”.
    My 2008 server was a clean install, so I am assuming you added a “Role” or something similar.
    It looks like I have IIS6 maybe?!?! not sure… When I try to download IIS MEdia Services 4.0 Beta 1 – it tells me that I have Media Services 3.0.
    I have no idea what I need to do – i thought 2008 server had IIS7 already. But I guess not. Please help.
    Can you help me out? Just point me on the direction/software I need in order for that tab to show up?
    I am running

  • Victor
    Hugo, Yes I was using IIS7 with IIS Media Services. I don’t recall if it was Beta or not but I think it was. You should be able to download everything you need from the Web Platform Installer: http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx
    Good luck! Victor

  • Holli Tyra
    Liking this wallpaper! Looks great on my new Mac :)

  • Patrick Crawford
    Great information Victor! Now, how do we eliminate all that manual labor and automate it? Got API’s?

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